Industrial Designer Keillor MacLeod's Simple, Elegant Show Lamp

I’m digging Toronto-based industrial designer Keillor MacLeod’s simple Show Lamp:

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“Show Lamp is a table light intended for discreetly illuminating surfaces and precious objects on cluttered shelves and desktops.

“The thin aluminum armature houses dimmable LED strips and pivots at its centre, enabling it to expand and contract to fit any surface.

“Three legs with conical feet allow for a small footprint while maximizing light spread and remaining stable.

“The effect is an even distribution of light across a large surface area, emphasizing objects beneath with a soft glow.”

At first I guessed it was student work–great student work–because I figured no long-term designer could come up with something this elegantly simple. MacLeod is indeed a young designer, having gained his degree in 2018. But I could totally see this doing well on Kickstarter, with a couple of refinements.

It looks to me like the “thighs” are the same length. For some reason I want one to be shorter than the other, so when folded shut it sits flat. But I admittedly can’t think of a reason, other than shipping, why you’d want the thing to fold flat.

I think the cord may require some consideration, and I do wonder what the interface is like.

Anyways MacLeod, if you’re reading this–great work! If you decide to develop the design further, or decide to crowdfund it as-is, please keep us posted.

Source: core77

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