Industrial Designer Offers to Sell Concept for Bitcoin

We’ve covered the work of Minsk-based industrial designer Andrey Avgust before. Notably, he did a comprehensive redesign of U.S. currency:

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Another concept project he did was a redesign of Minsk’s Nyamiga Station, including the subway cars:

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More recently, Avgust has sought to turn his concept work into cash. He designed this sort of Deconstructivist computer mouse…

…and has apparently thought through every component and fastener:

Intriguingly, last year he announced he’d sell the design—either the production rights or the exclusive rights—to be paid in Bitcoin:

The deadline to submit a bid was last year, and bids were to be submitted via DM or e-mail, so there’s no way for me to see if the sale actually happened. But it is an interesting idea: Lone industrial designers selling their passion projects on the open market. Do you think we’ll see arrangements like this in the future?

Source: core77

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