Influencer’s Viral Out Of Touch Rant Over Not Wanting “Riches” Sparks Outrage

Fitness influencer Jimmy Mackey was slammed on social media after saying he doesn’t wish for any “riches” in his life despite being on a luxury holiday. Taking to his X page (formerly known as Twitter) on July 5, the American man from Texas posted two photographs depicting a tropical holiday with his girlfriend, sparking outrage.

“Call me unambitious, but I have zero desire for riches,” Jimmy, who runs a nutrition plan business, wrote.

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He added: “I only want to wake up without an alarm, surf a little, meditate mid-day, train whenever I want, sip wine, and eat well with good friends.

“As long as I have the money for that, I’m good.”

Fitness influencer posts a picture on a yacht, claims to have “zero desire for riches” 

Image credits: thejimmymackey

The post, which amassed over 20 million views, featured a picture of Jimmy embracing his girlfriend while seemingly sitting in a boat and another snap, this time capturing the presumed girlfriend holding a surfboard on a beach.

While the entrepreneur received some praise from fellow X users, a handful of people took offense to the post they deemed out of touch, as a person wrote: “Yeah, sorry buddy, that’s gonna require you to be pretty rich.”

“You are describing the life of a rich person,” someone added. “With all due respect.”

An X user commented: “Umm ya, you need to be rich for that.”

Image credits: thejimmymackey

“I feel like you have to be extremely wealthy to live like this,” a commentator penned.

An observer argued: “Usually, everything you described requires a lot of money to do.”

“Who’s boat is it?” a netizen questioned.

An additional cybernaut noted: “I don’t wanna be rich, I just want to live like a rich person. Ok, bro.”

A separate individual chimed in: “Ironically that requires a lot of money.”

After being mocked by netizens, the influencer shared a clarification claiming it was “a joke”

Image credits: r/meirl

Amid growing criticism, Jimmy offered two follow-up clarifications, stating: “Damn this went viral – might have to f**k around and drop a ‘make money online’ course just to capitalize off it lol,” before adding: “note: this is a joke.”

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According to the business owner’s LinkedIn page, Jimmy left a career in finance “to chase [his] passion and become a personal trainer and nutrition coach for busy men who want results when everything else has failed.”

The fitness enthusiast now sells nutrition and workout plans he has named The Metabolic Reset Method.

Image credits: Jimmy Mackey

Image credits: Jimmy Mackey

The amount charged for booking a session with Jimmy for his coaching services is not disclosed on his official business page. Nevertheless, the influencer is verified on X and appears to have enabled the platform’s ad revenue-sharing program.

While it is impossible to give an exact answer as to how much a person can make with a monetized ad revenue-sharing program on a specific platform, a Quora user estimated that X used a cost-per-mille rate, where the base rate was $0.01.

Using this person’s response, Jimmy may have earned a total of $200 for his controversial viral post.

Bored Panda has reached out to Jimmy for comment.

Internet trolled Jimmy for claiming to be “unambitious” while seemingly living “the life of a rich person”

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