Innovative Cart Designed with "Dual Rotating Axles" Can Climb Over Obstacles

This Hawk Crawler Multi-Use Cart may not look like much, but in fact contains an innovative feature that makes it easier to pull over rough terrain.

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Manufacturer Hawk, a hunting accessories company, describes their patent-pending feature as “dual rotating axles,” which is a mildly confusing way to describe it. I’ll try to do better:

Basically, the front left wheel is not connected to the front right wheel by an axle. Ditto for the rear wheels. Instead, the front left wheel is connected to the rear left wheel by a bar. Same for the right side wheels. The midpoint of these connecting bars is attached to an axle, that runs from one side to the other.

This enables the wheels on each side to flip over each other, allowing it to climb obstacles.

Here’s a better example:

That clip is ripped from the demonstration video below, which offers a more comprehensive demonstration of the cart’s capabilities:

Source: core77

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