Innovative Designs for Screens Spotted in 2022

Now that we spend more time than ever staring into screens, manufacturers are eager to design a newfangled one that you’ll buy over their competitors’. This has led to a rash of experimental display designs that hope to be more impactful than the jump from CRT displays to flatscreens. Here are the developments we saw in 2022:

Samsung revealed their “slidable” display, which enables tablets to grow in size.

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Lenovo showed off their rollable screens for smartphones and laptops.

Industrial design consultancy Unichest created this rollable display concept for Samsung.

Asus unveiled the Zenbook 17 Fold OLED, a somewhat bizarre laptop with a screen that folds in half.

Lenovo showed off their ThinkBook Plus Gen 3, a 17″ laptop that boasts a second screen next to the keyboard…

…and this Mozi concept for a laptop with no screen at all, just a built-in projector.

For desktop monitors, Samsung came up with the Odyssey Ark, an enormous, curved and rotate-able monitor.

A startup called Tinno Mobile Co. designed theMScreen, an ultra-wide mini monitor that lives under your main monitor.

LG’s DualUp Monitor is a single screen that mimics having two stacked displays.

Mobile Pixels’ Geminos monitor is similar to the DualUp, but hinged in the middle for better ergonomics.

Industrial designer Jiyoun Kim created this “Partial Screen” transparent display prototype for LG.

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The Libero, also an LG product, is a flippable monitor with a handle that doubles as a hanging bar.

A startup called Portl teased their Model-M, a desktop holographic monitor.

Lenovo unveiled their T1 glasses, a “virtual monitor” you wear on your face.

On that front, we looked at some different design approaches to projecting data onto an eyeglass lens.

Toshiba Tech Co.’s “Aerial Display,” designed for self-checkout machines, is a holographic touchscreen that you don’t actually touch.

The indefatigable LG rolled out another concept: A flexible display that could be applied to “skin, clothing, furniture, automobiles and aircraft.”

Finally, Detroit Metropolitan Airport began trialing this crazy Parallel Reality Display, which shows different info to different people at the same time.

With that last one, in the future couples will be able to sit next to each other on the couch and each watch their favorite show at the same time (with earbuds in, of course).

Source: core77

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