Insects Are Part Of The Future Of Chocolate

Insects are part of the future, where they will be the alternative to meat, according Jisun Kim’s vision. Kim is a South Korean multidisciplinary designer who created Future Chocolate, a conceptual product and packaging and design project that showcases Kim’s vision of chocolate of the future. Composed of five pieces that have different insect designs, each piece in the collection has 10% insect powder to introduce insect-flavoured food to our palettes, as Plain magazine detailed:

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Kim designed five chocolate pieces that take the shapes of different insects’ appearances. Each piece comes in a futuristic-looking shell packaging inspired by a cocoon, cradled on translucent pedestals. “Since it is the chocolate of the future, I wanted to convey the feeling that the photography of the product is also in a virtual setting,” says Kim. The chocolate contains 10% insect powder to gently introduce the taste to our palates. “I wanted to break down the boundaries of how chocolates are eaten and give people new experiences about what they eat,” the designer says. We can’t deny that Future Chocolate has piqued our curiosity: is it savoury? Sweet? How well do insects and chocolate go together? Only the future can tell.

image credit: via Plain magazine

Source: neatorama

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