Inside a Dress-up Competition for Cows

The short documentary Dress a Cow takes us to the Canfield County Fair in Canfield, Ohio, where every year farmers bring their prettiest (and most patient) cow all gussied up to show off in the annual Dress a Cow competition. The cows are cleaned, groomed, and finally dressed in themed costumes for the big day. There are cows dressed as other animals, as Disney princesses, and as inanimate objects of some sort, leading one to think that maybe the selection of costume has something to do with the results. We don’t really know, as the judges are just local judges, the kind that preside over courts. They have no particular expertise in the cow field. The judges and spectators are very appreciative of the contestants and their owners’ efforts, because it’s not easy to design a costume for a cow, much less dress one up! -via Nag on the Lake

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Source: neatorama

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