Inspiring words created by folding the pages of books

It’s the simple ideas that are often the most striking. Folded book pages to spell a word– a seemingly straightforward idea that produces a very striking image. All it takes is an exacto blade, simple paper-folding techniques and some arithmetic.

Isaac G. Salazar, a self-taught New Mexico artist, enjoys re-purposing books to create his work. Each book takes Salazar between two days and two weeks to complete. He primarily uses books that are on their way to the landfill, and this sustainability ethos is important to him.

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In the artist’s words, “The reason I chose books as my medium is really because in this day and age of growing technology tablets, the book is slowly becoming a dying breed. There are so many books circulating in this world that it would be a true shame to see such blank canvas’s being discarded.”








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