‘Instagram vs. Reality’ Exposes The Truth About Those Unrealistically ‘Perfect’ Pics (62 New Pics)

We get it. You’re on social media and you want to show the world your very best self – the times when you are on exotic holidays, looking great and surrounded by friends. Very few people share the mundane banalities of everyday life anymore, nobody really cares about your dinner or what you are currently watching on Netflix.

But some people take it way too far, distorting reality beyond all reason and creating unrealistic aspirations for their followers. Like it or not (we don’t), ‘influencers’ are very real and have an effect on impressionable young minds, leading to all kinds of self-esteem and mental health issues as people try to chase unattainable bodies and lifestyles.

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All this photoshopping and fakery in the name of promoting a false image is dishonest and unethical, and we here at Bored Panda will continue to call it out when we see it. Because no amount of hours in the gym will give you that butt, no amount of ‘detoxing’ will give you that skin, and you’ll never capture that amazingly colorful picture of that impossibly exotic place because they DON’T REALLY EXIST – you are being deceived on a daily basis.

As a follow up to our previous post on the subject here is another batch of fakery, so you know what to look out for. With photo and video technology improving all the time, it’s getting more difficult to separate the fact from fiction! Our advice? Take everything with a pinch of salt and don’t believe it until you’ve seen it with your own eyes, in real life.

Scroll down below to see what we mean, and let us know your thoughts on the matter in the comments.

Instagram vs video. Sorry its hard to take a good screenshot of the video but you get the point

Image credits: essinwonderland

Jacaranda Trees, Insta vs. Reality

Image credits: Jellybean26

First time posting in here, but I found my first one in the wild

Image credits: kharnivore_

Posted VS tagged. She is always making her waist tiny and editing her arms to create a muscular build

Image credits: bananapineapples

Woman worries as she meets her fiance abroad at the airport for first time after communicating through heavily filtered photos and videos of herself. (He of course shows up to meet her wearing a heavily filtered photo her on his T-shirt…)

Image credits: remmij

Insta live from a few hours ago vs post from a few weeks ago

Image credits: xyzjoysibar

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