Intelligent Use of Design in This Travel Chess Set

Admittedly, I have a low bar for travel chess sets since the last one I saw wound up in the Design Roast. For a change, this Crownes Chess Set makes intelligent use of design with their approach. Taking a cue from Russian nesting dolls, the machined pieces neatly stack inside each other and fit tidily into a small cylinder:

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I also like that the pieces are distinguishable from one another by subtle design changes–but not so subtle that you have to squint or think about it to tell them apart:

The King and Queen each have their crowns and the Queen’s shape is more feminine, making those easy; the angled top of the Bishop and its slit collar are perfect; the front of the Knight piece clearly outlines the shape of a horse’s face, and adds a triangular-shaped top for greater visual discernment; the Rook’s compass-point slits perfectly suggest crenellations; and the Pawns are of course smaller.

I’m not crazy about the rolled leather mat for a board, but I suppose assuming you’ve got a flat table handy is not a huge ask.

The Crownes Chess Set is absolutely killing it on Kickstarter: At press time, $426,389 in pledges on an $8,000 goal, with 11 days left to pledge.

Source: core77

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