Interesting Approach to Combating Waste: A Water Bottle With a Hidden Coffee Cup Inside

Your average plastic-lined takeout coffee cup is not recyclable, which is why the eco-minded carry their own coffee vessels (prior to COVID-19, anyway). A startup called Remaker Labs is betting that a slice of the vessel-carrying market might prefer to carry a water bottle with a coffee cup hidden inside.

So they designed one, called Hitch:

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It sounds gimmicky on its face, but take a look at their envisioned usage cases:

Back when I lived in the city, I routinely carried a water bottle but no coffee mug, and went through at least two cups of coffee-to-go a day. (Yes, I was part of the problem.) So this product actually would make sense for me. As for that feature where the cup attaches to the top of the bottle so you only have to carry one thing, you’d darn sure better not try drinking from it like that.

Hitch has been successfully Kickstarted with $683,886 in pledges at press time on a $10,000 goal. There’s still 13 days left to pledge.

Source: core77

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