Interesting Designs for Cooking, Eating & Drinking Spotted in 2022

Pickaxe manufacturers cashed in during the Gold Rush, and now an army of providers exist to meet the demands of foodies. We don’t mean the food, though that’s a booming industry; we mean the designers, manufacturers and inventors cranking out machines, tools and inventions to help this rapacious audience prepare and consume their food and drink. Here’s a look at objects designed for cooking, eating and drinking that caught our eye in 2022.

Who knew that in-wall toasters, like this Modern Maid KBT-100, were once a thing? It’s probably just a Kickstarter away from coming back.

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This 2cook Portable Cooking Device, by industrial design consultancy Happ Studios, is a designey take on the hot plate and features multiple cooking vessels.

Industrial designer Maxime Augay took this portable range hood for apartment kitchens from ID school project to $391,642 in Kickstarter funding.

Swiss manufacturer Koenig makes this HeatsBox, a lunchbox that heats your food.

This Millo Air is a nearly silent cordless blender that uses magnets instead of a motor.

Chinese manufacturer Timemore channeled vintage Braun in designing their Sculptor 078, a precision coffee grinder.

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German industrial designers Frederik Brückner, Christoph Gerdesmeyer and Jonas Krohn designed the Supertamp, a precision tamping device for espresso grinds.

Italian industrial designer Odo Fioravanti designed this CJ (Coffee Jockey), a Brutalist coffee machine for Moak.

Japanese manufacturer Thanko produces the Makasetei, a coffee-machine-like “fully automatic ramen maker.”

This coffee jar by Moka Pot manufacturer Bialetti prevents waste. The pot’s funnel docks in the inverted lid, so spillage is captured.

Copenhagen/Tokyo-based industrial designer Erina Caldeira designed these easier-to-read measuring cups for housewares manufacturer Marna.

Hailing from Spain, these Easy Paella and Rice Control tools make it easier to make Paella. (Click the link for a detailed explanation of how they work.)

Italian industrial designer Viviana Degrandi’s Drop Colander is an eye-catching take on the salad spinner.

This Magnetic Mixing Bowl by British industrial designer Damian Evans features a magnetic base, offering better ergonomics. The round bottom also allows it to be used atop a pot in a bain-marie configuration.

UK-based ID consultancy Rodd designed this grater that allows you to actually see the gratings.

Spanish manufacturer Lékué makes this singular measuring spoon with a slider to cover all the sizes.

Lékué also makes this nifty plastic wrap/cling film alternative that’s shaped like a silicone yo-yo.

We learned that traditional Japanese wasabi grinders are made with abrasive sharkskin, and a brush made of bamboo is used to clean metal graters.

We also learned that high-end sushi chefs use these pricey cutting boards that feature a rubber surface and a wooden core.

French industrial design firm Contexte designed this simple cutting board that doubles as a serving board.

A chemist and a UX designer created this portable Cooler Keg, which delivers draft beer on-the-go.

This whiskey tumbler comes with an aluminum coaster that can be frozen, allowing you to tipple neat and cold without the adulterating ice.

This Draft Top Lift object decapitates beer cans for easy drinking.

Dutch product designer Maud van Deursen created this strange CARAF Château D’eau, essentially a dining table water tower that drains from the bottom.

Stojo makes these collapsible reusable coffee cups and water bottles.

We looked at some sad realities of American life: Items invented to make eating in a car easy.

Lastly, nothing to do with design, but here’s an insanely fast way to set a dinner table.

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