International Industrial Design Departments Collaborate on "Shape-Haptics" Project

Shape-Haptics” is a project done in collaboration between the Industrial Design departments of the National University of Singapore and the Georgia Institute of Technology.

“Shape-Haptics [is] an approach for designers to rapidly design and fabricate passive force feedback mechanisms for physical interfaces. Such mechanisms are used in everyday interfaces and tools, and they are challenging to design.”

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“Shape-Haptics abstracts and broadens the haptic expression of this class of force feedback systems through 2D laser cut configurations that are simple to fabricate. They leverage the properties of polyoxymethylene plastic and comprise a compliant spring structure that engages with a sliding profile during tangible interaction. By shaping the sliding profile, designers can easily customize the haptic force feedback delivered by the mechanism.”

“We provide a computational design sandbox to facilitate designers to explore and fabricate Shape-Haptics mechanisms. We also propose a series of applications that demonstrate the utility of Shape-Haptics in creating and customizing haptics for different physical interfaces.”

Here are some more demonstrations of applications. I thought the add-on for the VR controller was pretty clever:

You can access the Shape-Haptics “sandbox” here.

Source: core77

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