Invasion of the Goats

A neighborhood in Boise, Idaho, was overrun by a herd of 118 goats on Friday morning. The goats belonged to the company We Rent Goats, which had dispatched the herd to clear out vegetation around a storm retention pond. The goats either discovered or made an opening in the fence and moseyed down the street to a neighborhood off Five Mile Road. The neighbors were surprised -and delighted.    

The hungry herd moved from lawn to lawn, chewing down grass, munching on rosebushes and stripping low-hanging branches bare.

“Half the neighborhood’s lawn has been cut – I mean, mowing for free!” Dunn said. “It’s kind of funny to see them in the road a ton, like not even caring about the cars.”

The goats quickly attracted a crowd, as neighbors emerged to snap photos and pet the friendly animals. Animal Control officers responded with a single truck, but quickly realized that would not be enough.

See videos of the goats on the loose at KTVB. -via Metafilter

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Source: neatorama

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