Invention Allows You to Tow Garbage Cans Up Long Driveways

Since we live in a rural area, our garbage can has never been near our house. It lives a quarter-mile away, at the end of the driveway. We drive the trash up to it piecemeal, as do many of our neighbors.

For some, this is inconvenient; they’d rather load the can at their house and transport it to the end of the driveway on pickup day. Thus Pennsylvania-based inventor Roy Gelesh welded this together:

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The garbage can handle fits within the two U-shaped pieces and is secured by wire lock pins.

The contraption fits onto a tow ball, allowing Gelesh to easily pull the can up the driveway.

Two cans can even be ganged together.

Gelesh sells his invention for $60 at

Lastly I’ll say, for those of you who might have long driveway envy: To you it might seem like a luxury. From a privacy standpoint it is, but from a practical perspective, not so much; in addition to taking out the trash, long driveways require maintenance that’s time-consuming if you do it yourself, or expensive if you pay someone to do it. During bad storms that knock trees down, we’re sometimes not able to drive out until I’ve done laborious chainsaw work. Checking the mail is also a hassle, and I eagerly await the day when the mailbox is a drone that flies to our house and back.

Source: core77

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