Invention from 1928: Shock Absorbers for the Breasts

Inventor Ralph Woltstem doesn’t call them shock absorbers, but that’s basically what he had in mind when he filed thispatent in 1928. In order to provide breasts with the support that they need during vigorous movement (e.g. anime), he proposed installing springs that support each breast from the bottom:

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Another object of the invention is to provide a breast supporting device in which the breast supporting member is normally held in a vertical position by equalizing springs which allow lateral movement to be imparted thereto upon side bending body movement of a wearer so that upon the return to an upright position, the said breast supporting member will automatically return to normal position, thus readily adapting itself to the said body movement of the wearer.

I see no historical evidence that Woltstem’s invention entered mass production.

-via Weird Universe

Source: neatorama

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