iPhone Optical Illusion Artist Cracks the Glass Screen Beautifully

Initially drawn to street photography, visual artist Anshuman Ghosh, a.k.a., @moography, became frustrated with the medium because of its confinement to reality. In a statement on Instagram’s blog, Ghosh says he “wanted to create something that was a fusion between what was real and what was not.” So he developed a technique he calls “phone framing” which involves using cut paper and an iPhone to create adorable optical illusions that play with the boundaries of the phone’s screen.

Ghosh sketches an idea on paper, which he then cuts out and arranges around the frame of his phone. The way in which he overlaps his drawings with the image projected on his phone creates a seamless and sprightly visual illusion, blurring the lines between the physical and digital world. Many of his posts are food-related, but the medium allows for an endless variations. In his posts, you’ll see Ghosh do everything from pick up a sushi roll to put a folder in a filing cabinet.

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The artist writes, “Placing the phone in the picture gives me the freedom to trick my audience into believing the phone is more than something that it is.” Ghosh’s images series has garnered him a whopping 93k followers on Instagram. Check out more of his clever works below:

You can check out more works by Anshuman Ghosh on his website and Instagram.


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