Is It A Dog Or Is It A Cat?

It seems that the Internet had a new debate to settle. Dui is an adorable fuzzy grey animal. He has a dog’s snout and tongue, but also has cat-like ears. While some coo at his appearance, some are confused and can’t decide Dui’s species. The Internet has created speculations as to what Dui’s species is, as DailyStar details: 

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They speculated he may be a cross between a corgi and a Vietnamese breed called Hmong, while others suggested he could be a corgi mixed with a British shorthair cat.

“So like is it a cat, dog, or some new kind of fox that we will keep seeing on the internet… but nobody knows how to get one?” one Reddit user pondered.

Another joked: “Do you want a cat or a dog? YES.”

His owners have finally answered the speculation: Dúi is actually a mix of a native Vietnamese dog breed and a short-legged dog breed known as Dingo.

image via DailyStar

Source: neatorama

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