Is It Normal For Your Dog To Eat Grass?

It is said that some animals, like dogs, try to make themselves sick by eating grass. You might have heard or read about this before, and you might have panicked when you saw your dog eat grass. Hopefully, this isn’t really the case. According to Dr. Stephanie Austin, a veterinarian, dogs eating grass is a normal behavior.

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“Grass or plant eating is a widely recognized normal behavior amongst domestic dogs,”…

According to Dr. Austin, grazing shouldn’t cause any alarm for dog parents.

“Rarely does this cause problems and rarely is it indicative of any problems,” Dr. Austin said. “Often the dog is just having fun.”

Dr. Austin, however, states that there is a time where you should be worried, and that time is when your dog ingests a plant that is potentially toxic to it.

Head over at The Dodo to know which plants you should look for.

(Image Credit: felix_w/ Pixabay)

Source: neatorama

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