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Are you an inhabitant of your nation, or of your language?

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The latest installment of the Metal Gear Solid series is centered around an interesting idea; people are better defined by the language that they speak than the country that they are from. The idea of “Linguistic Determinism” is not new, and there is scientific evidence to support the fact that the language we speak can influence the way we perceive the world around us. But is a language a homeland? Or are we all infected by the deadly virus? Please discuss in the comments!



0:12 Metalgear Various Media

0:37 Anathemas and Admirations

0:40 Emil Cioran

1:18 Inconceivable! High Quality

3:07 Max Weinreich

3:10 History of the Yiddish Language

3:52 Wenzhounese

4:34 22 Jump Street – My Name is Jeff | FULL SCENE | HD 2014

4:40 Boomhauer Season 2

5:49 Austin Powers – ENGLISH English

5:51 Micky Flanagan – Half and Half

5:53 Snatch – Mickey Almighty Speaks Pikey

6:51 I am not nice!

7:27 William S Burroughs

7:31 Electronic Revolution

9:46 Eurotrip – “He’s going to Berlin”



“Europe” by Roglok (

“Level 5” by Room for the Homeless (

“Bouncy Castle” by Roglok (

“:P” by Roglok (

“Squarehead” by Roglok (

“Number Cruncher” by Roglok (

“Little Birthday Acid” by Roglok (

“Topskore” by Roglok (

“Anti Vanishing Spray” by Roglok (

“Tarty Prash” by Roglok (

“Carry on Carillon” by Roglok (

“Uptown Tennis Club” by Roglok (

“Squarehead” by Roglok (

“Dream Of Autumn” by Night Shift Master

“Insert Toy For Coin” by Eatme (

“Dizor” by Outsider

“Lets go back to the rock” by Outsider

“Something like this” by Outsider


Written and hosted by Mike Rugnetta (@mikerugnetta)
(who also has a podcast! Reasonably Sound:

Made by Kornhaber Brown (

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