Is Our DNA The Key To Living Longer?

Different species have different lifespans. Some live only for a day like the adult mayflies, while others are able to live for a hundred years, like the sea turtles. The question is, how do we calculate lifespan? It seems that the DNA could be the key to answering this question, and it could be the key to helping animals and humans live longer.

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DNA is the biological blueprint that makes each living creature unique. Everything from a person’s height to the iconic orange scales on a clownfish ties back to DNA instructions. When it comes to determining lifespans, DNA might be relevant, too. More specifically, methylation, a biological process inside cells, might hold clues to lifespan and the aging process in humans and animals.

Learn more about this over at Discover Magazine.

(Image Credit: LaCasadeGoethe/ Pixabay)

Source: neatorama

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