Is Paradox-Free Time Travel Possible?

Physicists from the Perimeter Institute in Canada have come up with a solution to our ever constant question: ‘can we time travel and avoid causing paradoxes?’ The solution involves a very large and finite number of parallel universes. According to Barak Shoshany and Jacob Hauser, a person can theoretically travel from one timeline to another by stepping through a hole in space-time. The physicists claimed that this method is “mathematically possible,” as Futurism detailed: 

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“The parallel universes approach that we suggest says there are different parallel universes where things are roughly the same, and each one is mathematically on a separate space-time manifold,” Shoshany told New Scientist. “You can go between those manifolds when you travel back in time.”

Multiple timelines would allow you to travel to a different timeline and kill your grandparents without causing a paradox. But the number of timelines doesn’t have to be infinite for this to work, the researchers calculated.

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