Is There A Hidden Message In The Cosmos?

Okay, I don’t know how much time you have on your hands, but there’s no harm in asking about  the unknown, right? Well, scientists are looking for a hidden message from the ‘creator’ of the cosmos at the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB). The CMB is space’s largest billboard, so to speak, as it is visible across all of space. Did physicists find something? Sadly, no: 

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Michael Hippke, a self-described “gentleman scientist” affiliated with the Sonneberg Observatory in Germany, went looking for a sign from a creator in that background radiation. But, either way, he didn’t find one.

Leaving aside all the hidden assumptions in the question — that there is a cosmic creator, that a cosmic creator wants people to know about them, that the cosmic creator has an insight into the minds of future intelligent creatures and can therefore predict the future — the CMB would be a good place to hide a message if you were a creator trying to target civilizations at our current level of development, said Avi Loeb, a Harvard astrophysicist who wasn’t involved in Hippke’s work published to the arXiv database on Nov. 29. (The paper has not been peer reviewed.) 

“There could be different media on which you’d encode the message,” Loeb said. The CMB is a good option because we’ve been able to detect it since the first good microwave study of the sky in 1964, as opposed to, say, gravitational waves, which require more technical equipment and we only detected in February 2016. “It all depends on what level of intelligence you want to approach. It’s almost like writing different sections of a newspaper for different audiences.”

Image via Live Science

Source: neatorama

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