Is There a Secret to Hiring Designers for a Small Team?

The crew over at our sister-site Coroflot has started up a series of articles for companies and teams looking to hire designers. Recruiting for creative roles is the same as for many other positions within an organization, but there are important differences they are exploring.

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Their latest column formulates a list of selling points for a small company – or small in-house team – to use throughout their creative recruitment process. Some of it may be self-evident to creative-types while some is standard fare for recruiters, but the mix is where the magic is – defining your organization’s creative-culture and centering it in the recruitment process allows you to compete for talent on the highest level.

Read it here: This Magic Formula Will Land Top Design Talent on Your Small Team

Core77 spun Coroflot off many years ago to serve the design community by creating a space where employers and designers can connect, and in that time the site has helped thousands of companies via the design job board. The demand for designers fluctuates and the particulars of job duties and deliverables evolve but the underlying need for creative capacity in an organization has not.

Photo: Priscilla Du Preez

Source: core77

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