<i>Sesame Street’s</i> Secret Writing Rules

Sesame Street has been around for 50 years. Its success has been attributed to the fact that it was designed by researchers in early childhood education, and the fact that the main characters for that entire time have been the Muppets. It’s a formula that works, but great care has to be taken to ensure that the show and the Muppet characters stay consistent for all those years. A Sesame Street employee lets us in on some of the rules of the road for Sesame Street that he’s picked up on over a couple of years. To illustrate, he gives us theoretical Sesame Street scenes and then tells us why it would never happen. The rules not only pertain to the Muppets, but also the preschool audience the show is serving.

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Goodbyes are always tricky. In kids’ media, it’s no different.

At Sesame Street, the rule of thumb is to never say a full “goodbye.” A goodbye could leave kids at home panicking that they’ll never see their furry on-screen friends again.

To avoid this, we use phrases like “See you next time!” or “That was so much fun today! I hope you’ll join us again soon.” This way, no kids have to freak out.

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Source: neatorama

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