It Doesn't Get Any Cuter than This: Guinea Pig Reviews Halloween Costumes & Other Neat Posts

Halloween is almost here, and so here’s a cute post over at Supa Fluffy to whet your appetite: Meet a guinea pig named Lord Cesario, a “highly-opinionated four-legged potato,” who loves ❤️ to review Halloween costumes.

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🕺 This is mesmerizing: watch the captivating dance routine for the Paralympians as choreographed by Sadeck Waff.

🦿 This prosthetic leg doubles as a fold-out skateboard.

🪑 Pokemon-inspired furniture line for grownups. Gotta catch ’em all (especially the Snorlax rug!)

🎨 Arist Naci Caba creates impressionism-style Star Wars paintings

🎈 Viral TikTok video of siblings playing “Don’t Let the Balloon Touch the Ground” Inspired an International Tournament with $11,000 in Prize Money.

🎤 … and lastly, woman interviews rescue animals with a tiny mic.

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Image: Bernadette Banner/YouTube

Source: neatorama

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