It Took A Team of Mechanics To Get This Kitten Out Under A Car

Poor kitty, she must have been confused and scared after being stuck under that car. 

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The cat was found by the driver of the car while he was waiting at the drive-through window at a Hardee’s restaurant in Kentucky. He noticed that the employee there was giving him some weird looks. He then realized that the loud meows coming through the speaker at the drive-through window were actually coming from somewhere under his car.

The driver, however, couldn’t seem to help the cat get out. Fortunately, there was an auto shop (Midas of Frankfort) just beside the restaurant. Upon knowing about the cat being stuck, the mechanics immediately helped. 

How then did the cat get stuck under the car? According to D. Scott Bourne, owner and managing director of the Midas of Frankfort, “She tried to crawl through a hole in the rear subframe and got lodged after realizing she couldn’t retreat backwards”.

Finally, after over an hour of work and dismantling parts of the car, the mechanics were able to pull the kitten free, and everyone was overjoyed to see that she appeared to be mostly OK. The man who owned the car was so grateful to the mechanics for helping out and offered to pay them, but they refused. All they had wanted was to help the kitten, and knowing she was safe was payment enough. 

Image: Midas of Frankfort 

Source: neatorama

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