<i>The Fabelmans</i> is Spielberg's Most Personal Story

It’s autumn, the season in which the most prestigious films of the year are released to entertain holiday moviegoers and qualify for the Academy Awards. A very personal family film from Steven Spielberg will be hard to beat.

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The new film The Fabelmans premiered yesterday at the Toronto International Film Festival and received a standing ovation. Today we have a trailer. The movie is directed, co-produced, and co-written (with Tony Kishner) by Spielberg. It is about a boy growing up in postwar America who wants to make movies. Yes, it is Spielberg’s autobiography, even though the name of the family is Fabelman. He had been thinking about filming the story for twenty years, but only began serious work on it after his father died at age 103 in 2020 (Spielberg’s mother died in 2017). Gabriel LaBelle plays the teenage Sammy Fabelman, and Michelle Williams and Paul Dano play his parents, with music by John Williams. Critics who have seen the movie love it. The rest of us will have to wait until November 11, when The Fabelmans hits theaters.

Source: neatorama

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