‘It’s A Man’s World’: Woman Shares How So Many Things Were Built For Men And Many Agree

Men generally dominate key institutions. They govern, manage, preach, and according to TikTok user Allie, they have built the physical world for themselves, too.

To illustrate her point, she started a TikTok video series. Standing in front of a green screen displaying her research, Allie provides a wide range of real-life examples of how women are discriminated against on a day-to-day basis.

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From using power tools to getting medical prescriptions, here are some of her arguments.

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TikTok user Allie has created a video series to show people that “the world is built for cis men”


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The most popular upload has over 1.3 million views

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There’s always absurdly long lines at women’s restrooms because they’re built unfairly with not enough stalls.

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Car crash dummies are built with a male standard, meaning that in car crashes, women are almost 50% more likely to be seriously injured than men.

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NASA had to cancel its first all-female spacewalk because they didn’t have enough women-sized spacesuits.

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Because of gender differences and metabolism office spaces are often way too cold for women.

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Keyboards/mouses are built with male sizes in mind, increasing rates of carpal tunnel/tendinitis in females.

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Women are often misdiagnosed. They experience 50% higher rates of heart attack misdiagnosis, because they get less typical-symptoms, like subtle chest pressure or tightness in the chest, rather than the male presentation of full-blown chest pain.

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A lot of medicines are tested exclusively on men, so women end up getting prescribed doses that are way too much for them.

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Speech-recognition software is 70% more likely to accurately recognise male voices. When Siri was released in the US, she could find prostitutes and Viagra suppliers, but not abortion providers. If you told her you’d been [sexually assaulted], she’d reply “I don’t know what you mean by that”.

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N95 masks often don’t properly fit the faces of women and Asian people, putting them in danger.

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Women often cannot comfortably reach the safety bars on metro subways.

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It’s considered totally normal for women to take birth control and deal with all of these side effects, but barely anyone ever talks about making birth control for men.

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Head rests in cars – they push women’s head forwards funny, especially if they have their hair up. It’s not comfortable or safe.

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Equipment at the gym – there’s a lot of machines women can’t use because they can’t be adjusted to them properly.

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Women are under diagnosed with autism because the diagnostic criteria was written for men and they haven’t bothered updating it.


It’s a given that women aren’t able to reach top shelves in their own houses.

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Smartphones are often way too big for female hand sizes.

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CPR dummies are almost always male-bodied, so people who are trained CPR often don’t know how to perform it properly on women.

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Women can’t usually properly grip household tools because they are made for male hands.

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Fitness monitors (like fitbits) often don’t accurately count steps when women are walking strollers (or anybody, for that matter, women just do it more often).

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Someone in college did their thesis on how armchairs are built for 6 feet tall men.


All hand tools are sized to men. At the box lumber places the work gloves are only size L and XL. Where are the S and M sizes? At the cleaning aisle!

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Some women have shared they have yet to sit on a chair with their feet flat on the floor.

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