‘It’s Called FaSHEIN Sweaty’: 101 People Post Hilariously Bad Fashion Fails That Deserved To Be Shamed

Fashion is all about courage. If you’re feeling confident enough, you can pull off anything… or, well, just about anything. You see, no matter how much we might say that taste is subjective, there are some objectively awful design decisions that make style aficionados go, “Oh, honey, no,” “Lord protect us,” or simply, “Ew!”

The ‘It’s Called FaSHEIN Sweaty’ Facebook group is a niche on the internet where people get together to post pics of fashion disasters and then poke fun at them for how ridiculous they look. It’s very enjoyable. We’ve collected the worst offenders to share with you today, Pandas. But before you scroll down, don’t forget to hold on tight to your awesome fashion sense.

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Bored Panda got in touch with Adrianna, the founder and one of the administrators of ‘It’s Called FaSHEIN Sweaty,’ and she was kind enough to share her thoughts about the group, the community, and bad clothing designs. Read on for our full interview with her. Oh, and remember, Pandas: it’s all about having fun shaming the clothes, shoes, and accessories, not the person wearing them!

#1 Eye Don’t Know About This One…

Image credits: Tracy Jones

#2 Seen On My Insta

Image credits: Caitlyn Christine

#3 Need A Shirt? Use Ur Pants

Image credits: Alexa McClain

Adrianna, the founder of ‘It’s Called FaSHEIN Sweaty,’ revealed to Bored Panda that she created the group “out of spite of another group.”

“It has grown huge since August of 2021 when I made the group,” she told us via Facebook. The group is open to everybody, everyone is welcome, and shaming bodies isn’t tolerated.

According to her, managing a group of this size isn’t super complicated like it might appear from an outsider’s perspective. However, “it can get a bit chaotic with the 30+ post approvals a day!”

#4 From Another Group Lol

Image credits: Jason Robinson

#5 Brits 2023

Image credits: SAM SMITH

#6 Too Many Layers For Me

Image credits: Megan Fusaro

One of the recurring challenges the team running the group has to deal with is the number of reposts that people share. “We really enjoy all of our wonderful group members and their constant love and support for the group,” Adrianna praised the community.

We were interested to get the group founder’s opinion on why clothing designers sometimes end up creating such bizarre pieces. “I think it’s because they want to push their creativity into artwork. I think they use it as a creative medium,” Adrianna said that some designers might not consider their creations fit for everyday use.

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“I think they know it’s not an everyday outfit but they still look for ways to make it so outside of normal so that it has potential to give them more publicity,” she said, adding that some designs might not actually be all that bad—simply incredibly creative.

#7 Why

Image credits: Mickayla Vergotine

#8 Um No!

Image credits: Christy Wyrtzen

#9 I’d Say I Hate It But It’s A Love/Hate

Image credits: Ess Lea

Bored Panda was also curious how Adrianna envisions the future of the Facebook group. She opened up to us that she likes ‘It’s Called FaSHEIN Sweaty’ just the way it is and will “love it no matter what!”

“I have a great team with me and I’m excited to see where it goes!”

To call the fashion industry huge would be an understatement. The global apparel market is estimated to generate a jaw-dropping $1.7 trillion in 2023, according to Gitnux. By far the biggest apparel market is located in the United States. In 2022, clothes sales there reached a whopping $310 billion.

Meanwhile, Statista notes that the apparel industry’s revenue had reached $1.53 trillion in 2022, potentially growing to nearly $2 trillion by 2027. Unfortunately, a market so big creates tons of waste. 

#10 What Is Thiss

Image credits: Savannah Paytash

#11 We’re Indeed Living On The Last Days

Image credits: Dali Ekapa

#12 I Showed These To My Sister And She Yelled “Joots” Found (And Left) At The Goodwill

Image credits: Elley Chadwick

As Earth.org points out, 92 million tonnes of textiles are wasted each year and end up in landfills. Or, to put it in slightly more down-to-earth terms, that’s the same as a rubbish truck full of clothes dumping everything in a landfill every single second. Meanwhile, textile waste in the US is equivalent to an American throwing out an average of 37kg (81.5 lbs) of clothes each year.

With this in mind, it makes sense that people buy fewer clothes and that their wardrobes only have high-quality items that they genuinely love. What you don’t want to see is mass-produced, seasonal garbage that ends up being thrown in the bin the moment fashion trends change. It’s not only consumers who are responsible here though. Clothes designers, too, have to strive to create items that have long-lasting value.

#13 Not Shein But…

Image credits: Aimee Clark

#14 First Post, Saw These Bad Boys On Instagram

Image credits: Jessica Chiasson

#15 Not Shein, But Sure Its Shéiny

Image credits: Felicia Felicia

Created in the last days of summer, 2021, ‘It’s Called FaSHEIN Sweaty’ has amassed nearly 52k members in the nearly 2 years since then. The Facebook group is focused on a single thing: “We are just here to shame clothes!!”

So if you’re planning on joining the group, remember that you’re supposed to have fun by sharing witty and barbed quips about terrible clothing designs. However, this doesn’t mean that you can write just about anything: there are certain rules that you have to keep in mind to ensure that everyone in the community is enjoying themselves.

#16 Spotted This In A Bad Taxedermie Group I’m In… What A Beauty! Xd

Image credits: Stefanie Aigner

#17 I Have No Words. Yes, That’s A Handbag

Image credits: Megan Mosforth

#18 I Recently Had To Throw Away A Cactus Plant That Had A Rotting Disease That Looked Very Similar To This

Image credits: Amy Grace Hill

First things first, try to remember that the entire point of the ‘It’s Called FaSHEIN Sweaty’ project is poking fun at bad designs. Not people, but their clothes! It should never be the person wearing or modeling the outfit who gets insulted.

The administrators and moderators stress that there should be absolutely no awful behavior on the group. “We like silly, not mean,” they point out. Dehumanizing language of any kind is not allowed. There’s a zero-tolerance policy for any sort of bullying, ableism, sexism, transphobia, racism, and homophobia. If you ignore this, you’ll be banned. It’s as simple as that.

#19 Facepalm

Image credits: Teresita Gutierrez

#20 My Own Body Does This For Me

Image credits: Moriah Wilmas

#21 I Love Weird But This Doesnt Look Very Comfortable

Image credits: Annet Houwen

The team running the group explains that “authentic, expressive discussions make groups great, but may also be sensitive and private. What’s shared in the group should stay in the group.” According to them, nobody should message another member of the group without getting explicit permission that they can do so. Meanwhile, members are asked to censor any and all private information in the pics and screenshots they share on ‘It’s Called FaSHEIN Sweaty.’

The team notes that the entire community is supposed to be supportive of all bodies and identities here. “We do not allow people to be disrespected for their health, gender, sexual orientation, or anything similar. Some people will never be healthy and they are still deserving of respect,” they write.

#22 These Just Look Uncomfortable. Aliexpress Btw

Image credits: Christy Wyrtzen

#23 If My Eyeballs Had To See These, Yours Do Too

Image credits: Braedon Hill

#24 In Case You Can’t Decide

Image credits: Leslie Barber

Meanwhile, members are urged not to post sexually suggestive clothing, lingerie, or men’s underwear. “If you are unsure, go the safe route and do not post.”

As a whole, the team running the group asks its members to think about the community and put it first. “Give more than you take in this group. Self-promotion, spam, and irrelevant links aren’t allowed. Make sure everyone feels safe.”

#25 Exactly The Ring I Was Looking For Thank You Shein

Image credits: Kaylee Ingram

#26 Goodwill Has It Going On

Image credits: Christy Wyrtzen

#27 It’s Giving Me 5-Minute Crafts Vibes

Image credits: Johana Minera

‘It’s Called FaSHEIN Sweaty’ is far from the only clothes-shaming group on social media. Previously, Bored Panda spoke to Mary Waldron, the founder of ‘You can’t just slap some fabric together and call it a dress.’ In her opinion, clothes can be considered to be really bad if they’re utterly impractical.

“The dresses I tend to really gawk at are the ones that look like they could fall off, tear, or just completely malfunction at any given moment.” However, personal taste is still a factor. “At the end of the day, if a dress makes you feel happy when you wear it, then you wear it relentlessly because your body is your own to dress how you want to.”

#28 Teeth Vibes

Image credits: Bianca Olivas

#29 >.>

Image credits: Amanda Dye

#30 Idk If Ironically Or Unironically But I Kinda Of Love This

Image credits: Savanna Levey

Which of the fashion disasters in this list frightened you the most, dear Pandas? Were there any items that you’d have the courage to wear out and about? Were there any pieces that you genuinely loved and can’t see the hate? Share your honest thoughts in the comments! And always remember, keep the criticism focused on the clothes, not the people wearing them.

#31 I Was Looking For Inspo For A Cyberpunk Thing I’m Doing, And I Mean… It’s The Color I Want. Not Sure What Vibe This Is Though

Image credits: Ronni Virgil Danger Merz

#32 Beautiful Slippers

Image credits: Giulia Tirri

#33 I’d Be Afraid To Sneeze

Image credits: Christy Wyrtzen

#34 Found In The Wild. This Group Is Definitely Affecting My Algorithms ? I Was Looking Online For A Bag For Work Recently This Is Definitely Not Right For My Work

Image credits: Jenny Hilliar

#35 Catch Me At The Club In These

Image credits: Kali Martin

#36 Hello Kitty

Image credits: Lia Bia

#37 Half Sweater Half Dress Shirt

Image credits: Jill Rutten

#38 Fashion

Image credits: Eleftheria Lilly Mwraith

#39 Not Shein, But It’s Kinda Pretty

Image credits: Matikarn Dechlo

#40 Was Scrolling For Fun At Work, Kid Came Up Behind Me And Said “Ms James That’s Benjamin Franklin” And I Can’t Deal

Image credits: Ashley James

#41 I Think I’d Have To Try It On For Fun If I Saw It But

Image credits: Jacqie Craddock

#42 I’m Dead

Image credits: Sydney Sheridan

#43 Face Not Covered Because She’s A Celebrity

Image credits: anon

#44 Just Why

Image credits: Reyna Givhan

#45 Boot Flops

Image credits: Rachel Hernandez

#46 What

Image credits: Savannah Paytash

#47 No Need To Even Shop Shein!! Just Grab The Press And Seal And You’re Out The Door!

Image credits: Jenna Hudson Lenn

#48 I Ordered A Large Order From Shein And 2 Things Came In Early. One Was Supposed To Be The White Boots. These Are The Shoes They Sent Me Instead ?? Not Even Close. Bright Side, My Cats Seem To Love Them Lmao

Image credits: Saraya Thomsen

#49 Reposted From The People Against Modern Farmhouse Group

Image credits: Ivana Krista Stewart

#50 I’ve Been Laughing At This Outfit For Days

Image credits: Samantha Glover

#51 Not Shein, But A Local Market

Image credits: Nikita Rothschild

#52 I’m Logging Out!

Image credits: OG RON

#53 What In The 5 Minutes Crafts

Image credits: Charlotte Gijsemans

#54 What In The Luxury Suv Is This?

Image credits: Cali Foster

#55 Facepalm

Image credits: Livy Tilley

#56 Well They’re Just Not Going To Protect Your Eyes From Anything

Image credits: Kimberley Fay Ormston

#57 This “Skirt”

Image credits: Absentia Lilith Xuicoatl

#58 I Found Another One I Think

Image credits: Kaiya van Ginkel

#59 I Know Moschino Is Camp. But Does The Dress Come With The Inflatables?

Image credits: Cat Ripley

#60 I Think Its Supposed To Be High Fashion

Image credits: Savannah Paytash

#61 Found Whilst Scrolling Insta… Wot

Image credits: Emmaly Hadnagy

#62 At Least It’s On Sale

Image credits: Christy Wyrtzen

#63 Never Thought Id Be Able To Actually Find Something To Post To This Group But Facebook Ads Have Proved Me Wrong

Image credits: Erin Mccarthy

#64 I Found This On Shein

Image credits: Matikarn Dechlo

#65 Why Would You Even

Image credits: anon

#66 Mr. Snappy

Image credits: Megan Fusaro

#67 I Have No Words. They Did Her So Dirty With This Shirt. I Love That It’s A Part Of The Flash Sale As If It Being 50% Off Makes It More Desirable

Image credits: Ceara Anderson

#68 New Trend

Image credits: S**tposting until my fingers fall off

#69 Titsoak (This Is The Swimsuit Of A Killer)

Image credits: Eva Wright

#70 She Got A Whole Joutfit Going On Here

Image credits: Emily Bianca Gross

#71 Its Giving

Image credits: Grass Berg

#72 Shein At It Again With The Ridiculous

Image credits: Caitlin McAuley

#73 What Am I Looking At Here

Image credits: Zoey Jones

#74 In My Local Listings Lol

Image credits: Mackenzie Fenton

#75 Mia Khalifa Looks Stunning At Gcds Fashion Show In Milan

Image credits: The Fab Teacher

#76 Bold I Italic

Image credits: Noah Henry

#77 I Was Looking For Big Hair Clips, This Was Shein’s Offer Xdd

Image credits: Eliz Beranová

#78 Crying And Throwing Up

Image credits: Kellie Quick

#79 “Minimalist Well-Fitting Shoes” Just What I Needed

Image credits: Kishia Metheny

#80 What In Rootin Tootin Tarnation Is This?

Image credits: Emileigh Grace

#81 I’m Not Gonna Shame Or Anything, I Just Don’t Think The Puffy Bows Go Well With The Shoes. It Seems A Little Bit Off

Image credits: Isadora Dahmen Carbonero

#82 Every Day We Stray Further From God

Image credits: Mishkin Constantine

#83 Wat

Image credits: Tamara Oline Wood

#84 Anyone Remember These?

Image credits: Amanda Robison

#85 I Love Them, But What In The World Are They Wearing?

Image credits: Tintin Hansson Asplind

#86 High Fashien

Image credits: Felicia Felicia

#87 You’ve Heard Of Joots And Jeels, Now I Give You Beels

Image credits: Jill Rutten

#88 Aint No Way

Image credits: Zprite Worm

#89 Yes, But Why?

Image credits: Lia Bia

#90 Not The Sandoots

Image credits: Aaliyah Woods

#91 Why

Image credits: Lexi Lou

#92 This…this For 325$!?!? I’m Sure A Child Could Make This Shirt

Image credits: Megan Fusaro

#93 I Live In A Cold Climate. This Would Not Work At All

Image credits: Lisa Baker

#94 2011 “That Are Those!?” Meme Noises

Image credits: Aly Hunt

#95 Is This Too Conspicuous To Hold All Of My Snacks And/Or Drugs On The Go?

Image credits: Cass Hole

#96 Oh

Image credits: Grass Berg

#97 Just Do It

Image credits: Tori Dowell

#98 I Threw Up A Little When I Saw These

Image credits: Brii Leigh

#99 This Top

Image credits: Hazey Baillie

#100 Enough Internet For Today

Image credits: Amy Greenwell

#101 I Think You’re Supposed To Leave The Boot-Liners In The Boots

Image credits: Kent W Anderson

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