It’s Not A Flower, It’s A Bug!

Farm owner Margaret Neville spotted an insect that looked like a work of art on a random bush. The pretty bug, which caught her eyes, was a type of praying mantis called a ‘flower mantis.’ With the insect’s small flower-like parts sprouting on its sides and having green and white swirls on its wings, the flower mantis does look like a figurine made by an artisan: 

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Flower mantises are usually white. However, they can change their color to purple and pink to blend in with the flowers.

This survival instinct helps flower mantises to attract their prey and to protect themselves from predators. Neville was so fascinated with this mantis that she named it “Miss Frilly Pants” before returning it to her lavender bush. Also, she decided to share photos as well as a video of Miss Frilly Pants online.

Image credit: Margaret Neville 

Source: neatorama

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