“It’s Screaming ‘Liability’”: Mom Done With Neighborhood Using Her Backyard As A Communal Space

There’s a line between being kind and getting taken advantage of, and TikTok creator @s_hubby14 thinks that her neighbors expect her family to fall into the second category.

Recently, the mom uploaded a video to air her grievances with children showing up to play in her backyard swing set whenever they please, and worst of all, without asking for permission.

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Lost and confused, the woman asked her followers what they thought about the situation and how she should proceed.

Image credits: Karolina Grabowska (not the actual photo)

Image credits: s_hubby14

“Okay, let me ask you a question. And yes, this is me literally crouched down hiding in my own house.”

“Do other people’s neighbors do this? We have an open backyard, which means that there’s no fences and we can’t put fences up because we don’t have a pool.”

Image credits: s_hubby14

“So our neighbors just come into our backyard and literally play on our structure and don’t ask us. They just play, like they own it, like it’s a communal backyard, just because we don’t have fences.”

“The first couple of times, I didn’t care because I’m like, whatever. I let my kids go out and play with them. But now it’s just so weird to me.”

Image credits: s_hubby14

“They have a pool. What if they came home and I was just in their [goddamn] pool? Like, this is so weird to me.”

“My husband thinks I’m overreacting, but I work in a law office and this is just screaming liability.”

Image credits: s_hubby14

“What if one of them gets hurt, then our homeowner’s insurance is the one that’s getting sued? Whose side are you on? Am I crazy? Or is my husband just too nice?”

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“They’re hiding behind the swing set so that I can’t see them. I think it’s because they’ve caught me recording them before. I don’t give a [damn]. This is weird and I don’t like it. Like, who does that?”

Image credits: s_hubby14

Image credits: s_hubby14

The mom’s video has been going viral

@s_hubby14 Sound on… Are you team #beneighborly or are you #getoffmylawn ? #weirdneighbors #neighborhood #neighborhoodplayground ♬ original sound – 🧿🧿🧿

And she’s seemingly conflicted

Most of the people who saw the clip are team get off my loan

But a few disagree with them

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