“I’ve Always Done This BYE”: Ariana Grande Snaps Back At Outrage Over Her Vocal Changes

Ariana Grande decided to set the record straight after the internet pointed fingers at her for changing her speaking voice and being fake.

Fans were recently left surprised when the 30-year-old singer switched up her vocal register in the middle of her interview with Penn Badgley for his podcast called Podcrushed.

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After a clip of the quick switcheroo went viral online, the pop star addressed people’s concerns with a to-the-point comment left below a TikTok video.

The Voice Change??” read the text that appeared over the clip featuring the We Can’t Be Friends singer on the podcast.

Ariana Grande clapped back at fans, questioning her for changing the pitch of her voice right in the middle of a conversation

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The Florida-born artist left a comment on the video explaining the reason behind the phenomenon. It was out of “habit,” she simply said and noted that she had been speaking like that for the last couple of years.

“habit (speaking like this for two years) and also vocal health :)” read her comment.

“i intentionally change my vocal placement (high / low) often depending on how much singing i’m doing. I’ve always done this BYE,” she added.

The comments section of the video was flooded with remarks from people who noticed the change in her vocal pitch.

The 30-year-old singer appeared in an interview with Penn Badgley on his podcast, Podcrushed, where she was captured quickly changing voices

Image credits: Podcrushed

Image credits: Podcrushed

“I don’t even know what her real voice sounds like anymore,” one said, while another wrote, “Her real voice sounds so genuine I love it.”

“Me switching to my customer service voice at work,” one joked.

Another wrote, “Me accidentally slipping my other personalities around the wrong people.”

“wtf how did I not know Ariana puts on a fake voice like that’s kinda impressive tbf I’d be forgetting constantly and switching between lol,” read a comment on X, formerly known as Twitter.

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“I love ariana but this whole thing is very much giving austin butler like doesn’t your throat hurt after forcing it to be so high pitched all day,” read another tweet. “bring the normal voice back rn pleeeeeease.”

Explaining the reasons behind the voice change, the Florida-born singer said it was out of “habit” and for her “vocal health”

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Many pointed out that this is common among singers as a means to protect their voices.

“Ok fun fact Ariana is this thing called a singer. And professional singers are often advised to do things with their speaking voice that help support their singing voice,” said one tweet. “Talking in a higher voice intentionally is one such behavior that can help those who sing high.”

Another said, “This is just a smart thing ariana chooses to do to protect her vocal cords. MANY singers actually use this technique, it’s just healthy for their voices.”

A number of social media users pointed out that it was common for singers to employ this technique to support their singing voices

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The 7 rings hitmaker herself once spoke about speaking in a higher pitch to protect her voice.

“I’ve been speaking in a slightly higher placement than I usually speak in because I’ve been doing a lot of interviews, and I’m trying to keep my voice healthy,” she was quoted saying in a 2013 interview.

Netizens have scrutinized the 7 Rings singer’s voice and persona on several occasions in the past

Earlier this year, the Bloodline vocalist appeared on stage at the 96th Academy Awards ceremony to announce the Oscar winner for Best Original Song.

The audience raised their eyebrows after hearing her accent as she announced the winner alongside her Wicked co-star, Cynthia Erivo.

“Wtf happened to Ariana Grande???” one asked, while another commented, “THE VOICE OMG THAT IS NOT ARIANA GRANDE.”

“I really thought everyone was exaggerating about her constantly changing personas,” another said.

One wrote, “Ariana Grande really got rid of her previous accent in favor of a 60s transatlantic accent.”

During the Oscars, fans were surprised by the way the award-winning singer spoke on stage alongside her Wicked co-star, Cynthia Erivo

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Ariana and Cynthia played the characters of Glinda and Elphaba in the much-awaited movie adaption of the Broadway musical Wicked, which itself was adapted from a 1995 Gregory Maguire novel called Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West.

The movie is slated to release in November this year.

“Ariana Grande really got rid of her previous accent in favor of a 60s transatlantic accent,” one said after the singer’s appearance on the Oscars stage

@necrus Ariana Grande at OSCARS 2024 #arianagrande #oscars2024 #oscars #ariana #fyp ♬ original sound – 🪄musichanges – necrus

The chart-topping singer’s appearance on the recent Podcrushed episode came after the podcast host, Penn, starred opposite her in her new music video, The Boy Is Mine.

The song is a re-imagination of the hit 1998 track by Brandy and Monica, who also appeared in Ariana’s music video, which dropped earlier this month.

“i ……… cannot believe this is real (i don’t know if i will even long after it’s out),” she wrote on Instagram. “My deepest and sincerest thank you to Brandy and Monica, not only for joining me for this moment, but for your generosity, your kindness, and for the countless ways in which you have inspired me. It is near impossible to say how much this means to me. This is in celebration of you both and the impact that you have had on every vocalist, vocal producer, musician, artist that is creating today. i loooooove you both so so much. thank you !!!!!!!”

The artist, who released her seventh studio album, Eternal Sunshine, this year, dropped the music video for The Boy Is Mine earlier this month

Image credits: arianagrande

In the video for The Boy Is Mine, Ariana played a Catwoman-like character, seemingly influenced by the iconic role in Batman Returns, played by Michelle Pfeiffer.

Meanwhile, the Gossip Girl alum played the character of Mayor Max Starling, who is the love interest of the singer’s character in the Christian Breslauer-directed music video.

Penn shared an Instagram post thanking the Positions singer for making him a part of the video and placing him “alongside these icons.”

“The boy may be yours but the pleasure was all mine @arianagrande thank you for inviting me into your orbit for a moment & @christhedirector for building a little world to play in for a day,” he wrote in the caption. “Hey ma I’m in a music video! And in the presence of @brandy and @monicadenise ?? Honored to be alongside these icons.”

After hearing her voice-switch on Penn Badgley’s podcast, some joked about how she is still in her Glinda character after filming for Wicked

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