James Blake Preps New Album, ‘Playing Robots into Heaven’

I somehow missed that James Blake was set to release his seventh album, Playing Robots into Heaven, this Friday, September 8th. From what I’ve read, it’s a return to his early releases, think his CMYK EP from back in 2010, which contains one of his very best tracks, “CMYK.”

So far there have been two music videos, one for the song “Big Hammer” which has a heist-themed music video. Bu the latest release is for the title track, which as you’ll see below, is moody AF. Director Thibaut Grevet did an incredible job on building out a wild looking world for this track, with Blake playing a kind of Sisyphean role, the weight of the music on his shoulders, or that he’s leading a procession of robots into heaven? Either way, what I’ve heard from the album so far is very weird and very different from his last few releases, very excited for this one.

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James Blake Preps New Album, ‘Playing Robots into Heaven’


Source: thefoxisblack.com

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