Jan.-June 2022 Classes at LAP

Anarchist’s Tool Chests

Though we’ve dialed back the number of classes we’re offering at the storefront, we do have a few scheduled for the first half of next year (mostly because Chris is kind to me and – despite the havoc a class wreaks on his shop and life in general – knows I a) love teaching and b) need to feed my cat). We might be adding no more than two classes in the upcoming weeks…but I didn’t want to hold off any longer on announcing these.

The classes will go on sale on Monday, Nov. 29 at 10 a.m. Eastern, through our Ticket Tailor portal. Even though there’s a big “Register Now” button alongside each class at that link, you cannot register until 10 a.m. on Nov. 29. But you can read more about each class, see the estimated stock price, etc., if you click through.

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1) You must have had the Covid vaccine to attend a class at our shop
2) Please email [email protected] – not the LAP help desk – if you have questions about classes.

• Build the Anarchist’s Tool Chest with Megan Fitzpatrick; February 21-25, 2022 ($975 + stock fee)
• Make a Carved Oak Box with Peter Follansbee; March 28-April 1 ($1,400 + stock fee)
• Build a Dutch Tool Chest with Megan Fitzpatrick; May 6-8 ($425 + stock fee)
• Make a Dovetailed Shaker Tray with Megan Fitzpatrick; June 4-5 ($320 + stock fee)


Source: lostartpress.com

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