Jane Goodall Gets a Barbie Doll

Just in time for World Chimpanzee Day, Mattel has unveiled the latest Barbie doll in the Barbie Inspiring Women Collection, modeled after primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall. Goodall is world-renowned for her work in studying and advocating for chimpanzees since 1960. The Mattel company worked with the Jane Goodall Institute to make the doll come alive. It is the first in the series to be made with 90% recycled plastic, and is shipped in a sustainably manufactured box.

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The Jane Goodall doll is quite recognizable, as she wears khaki shorts, carries a notebook, and sports her iconic ponytail. It also comes with a figure of David Greybeard, the first chimpanzee that trusted Goodall in her early work in Gombe National Park in Tanzania. Goodall is pleased with the doll, saying she has always wanted a Barbie in her likeness because the doll was so girly-girly in her youth and she thought girls needed choices. The Jane Goodall barbie doll is now available for $35. -via Mental Floss

Source: neatorama

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