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PORCELAIN. I thought these lovely deconstructed vessels were paper, or maybe painted wood? Nope. THEY. ARE. PORCELAIN. I’ll wait while you scroll back up in disbelief … Ok, great. This is the work of Massachusetts based artist Janice Jakielski, from two of her series –  “Books” and “Sliced”. Here are Janice’s words about her work:

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“I create objects of curiosity; beautiful objects to provide focus, retreat and pause in an overwhelming world. Through the use of meticulous detail, familiar forms and uncertain function I coax my audience to draw near, closing the physical gap between viewer and object. In this way the details of my workmanship and the excessive fragility of the porcelain act as a whisper, flirtatiously demanding investigation.

This work began from a place of material exploration. I adapt and re-invent ceramic engineering processes and materials for application in the studio. This experimental approach to ceramics allows me to circumvent the constraints of a conventional clay body. By inventing a new way of casting and manipulating ultra-thin porcelain sheets I am able to create impossible objects. Cut, veneered, twirled and slotted my vessels have a material ambiguity that brings the viewer to a place of sensory uncertainty.

My pieces are inspired by iconic historic vessels. I do not replicate these objects but instead re-imagine them in ways not feasible using traditional ceramics. By removing the interior volume I am able to contemplate these forms divorced from function. They are vessels without voids, containers without containment. I use planes to playfully define, dissect and divide the spaces that they inhabit.”

‘Beautiful objects to provide focus, retreat and pause in an overwhelming world’ … ahhh, yes. I needed that. Thanks, Janice.

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