“Jar Full Of Fingernails”: 40 Bizarre Items Netizens Have Found At Their Friend’s House

Generally, we tend to think the things in our house will always remain somewhat hidden, right up until we need to move. Someone asked “What embarrassing or disturbing thing have you found while helping a friend move?” and people shared the funniest things they have encountered.
We got in touch with professional moving company “Two Men and a Truck” to learn more. So get comfortable as you scroll through, upvote your favorites and be sure to share your own thoughts and experiences in the comments below.
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Stuff that he stole from me. That was pretty disturbing.

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A jar full of fingernails, yes we don’t speak anymore.

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I helped my cousin move. He had a pot belly pig for a few months like a year before. There was pig s**t all behind his couch, like a lot. Pretty nasty.

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Bored Panda got in touch with the folks at “Two Men and a Truck,” a US based moving company and they were kind enough to share some of their experiences with us. Firstly, we wanted to hear what were the weirdest things they have had to move in their professional experience.

“Two Men and a Truck moving crews have moved many items throughout the years, from couches, tables, chairs, mattresses, pianos, and more. But those items are the common things that Two Men and a Truck movers see daily. A dragon figure, a zebra statue, and a football bench are not as common.”


A big box filled with deer feet.

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Turns out a friend of ours carefully folds all her underwear and arranges them by color.

I’m not sure I’ll ever trust her again.

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After my dad passed my cousin and I were cleaning out his house. He used to be an addict, so when she picked up a baggie of small white pellets it wasn’t a huge concern, until she threw them across the room where they proceeded to scatter under all the furniture. Teeth. They were teeth.

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“The Dublin, Ireland, team helped move a zebra statue a few years back, and in 2023, Two Men and a Truck Twin Cities, Minnesota, was hired to move a dragon figure around an elementary school. Two Men and a Truck Lansing, Michigan, moved the Michigan State University Spartan football bench from Spartan Stadium to the University of Illinois in 2022.”


Family friend’s house. The entire basement was covered in dog poop and pee, everything she stored in there that wasn’t in a bag or box had to be tossed because the smell seeped into everything.

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After my father-in-law passed away I was helping the family pack my MIL up for a move and while going through a bookshelf I found a large cache of not so tasteful nude photos. They were of my MIL.

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A friend who had diaper fetish stuff. Like adult diapers with baby shape on it and pacifiers, baby food. She had the whole nine yards. It was crazy and she acted it was completely normal that I found it.

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We also wanted to hear what misconceptions they have run into regarding this industry. “A common misconception when it comes to professional movers is that it’s significantly cheaper for people to rent a truck and do it themselves compared to hiring a professional moving company. When people hire professional movers, they’re paying them to handle all the heavy-lifting and possibly even the packing aspect too, but if someone opts to move themselves then everything from the planning, packing, and physical labor falls on them.”


When I was a teenager, this guy down my street owned a pickup truck, and people would hire him for odd jobs. He would pick me up on the weekend, and we would go clear leaves, help people move furniture, paint rooms, whatever.

One day, he picks me up (I’m like 14), and tells me that an apartment complex manager got a hold of his number, and wants us to move the belongings of a woman that has been evicted. This is way before any TV show about hoarders or anything like that, so I have no idea what I’m in for.

It was a f*****g nightmare. There were piles of newspapers and pornographic magazines stacked as tall as a person. Every dish in the house was filthy. Rotted food containers of all shapes and sizes were strewn about. There were piles of s**t, actual s**t, in her house. I found a box of filthy, used, dildos and vibrators. Every square inch of her floor was covered in filth.

I actually had to use a flat edged metal shovel to scrarpe the filth off her carpet. Underneath everything was a layer of black putrescent jelly. Everywhere. We did that all f*****g day. No face mask, just a 14 year old kid that wanted pocket money.

Hardest $40 I ever made.

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Found a bunch of poems my friend tried to write to a girl to take him back after he cheated on her. He was a meathead/would be the first person to make fun of someone for doing the same, so it was quite hilarious.

He looked like he wanted to kill me after i found them and swore me to secrecy. Didnt tell any of our friends but still giggle at how bad they were.

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I was helping a co-worker move and his whole apartment was disgusting but i was in his closet trying to move a dresser and i knocked a box of the wall shelf and like 10-15 wallets feel out of the box and i picked them up and noticed they still had IDS in them that weren’t his…he yelled at me to leave them there and acted like the dresser was falling on him (it was sitting on the ground). He then asked me to leave after we moved that dresser and didnt want me back in his apartment. He got arrested a year later for robbing a couple on their way to a concert in downtown OKC.

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“Two Men and a Truck does provide a free quote to all customers, so for those interested in leaving the heavy lifting to the professionals make sure to give their local Two Men and a Truck franchise a call,” they added, for anyone who might want to leave the heavy lifting to professionals.


After my grandmother died my cousin and I were helping my uncle clear out the house. I picked up a nightstand and found a roll of cash. About $3k. My grandparents were wealthy so it wasn’t a surprise. We showed it to my uncle and he said, “What money? I don’t see anything.” That was our payment for being the only ones to show up and help.

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I had a life size plastic human skull that somehow fell out of a box and rolled in front of the movers giving them quite a shock. And some fast explaining to do on my behalf.

I know it sounds unusual to have such a skull but I do life drawing and bone structure, especially the skull, is very important to understand. Also skull artwork is pretty cool and appeals to the Goth in me.

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Their dead hamster ?.

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Packing up my grandma’s house after she passed and found money hidden in a bunch of her favorite books Grandpa had been hiding a $20, $50 or a $100 bills every paycheck for years thinking they might need it for a rainy day!! He talked about it on his deathbed but we all thought it was the dementia talking until Grandma passed 2 months later!!!

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Not found, but rather something a friend *added* to another friend while we were helping move. He bought a bunch of cheap, small noise makers that would chirp randomly. As we moved things, he would slip them into the furniture, boxes, etc. Apparently drove other friends nuts for a week or more in the new place. They vowed revenge, hasn’t happened, yet.

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I was helping them move out of their apartment. In the bedroom there was a riding crop and black equestrian horse riding cap. As I picked up a box I said “Hey, I didn’t know you rode horses.”, he replied, “We don’t.”.


My grandpa passed away when I was 14. My dad then informed me that my grandpa was in prison for 14 years and was released the year before I was born. Rest of the family knew but for some reason my dad never wanted me to know. But despite being an Ivy League grad, member of Mensa, my grandparents were very poor and he turned to a life of petty crime to get by. The crimes got more serious as he continued and he even burglarized our local museum. That wasn’t what he went to prison for though, so he got away with the museum job. My grandma had died a couple years before he did. So he spent his last years in a cabin after selling the family home (all his choice). Anyway when he did die, we had to clean out the cabin. We came across a box that said *”if you find this and I’m still alive, please leave it alone. If you find this and I am dead, please do not open it and burn it”.* My idea of opening it got outvoted by my aunts and cousins who wanted to respect his wishes. I’ll always wonder what was in that box.


An office chair that was getting lifted up into the moving truck revealed that the bottom of said chair was riddled with buggers. The owner looked at me, I looked at him
And we laughed uncontrollably for a while. Its been 15 years and we still laugh about it.


Not moving but my friend had just bought a house from a nice old lady. We were gutting the basement so he could renovate it, and when we ripped down part of the ceiling an old leather satchel fell to the ground. We both looked at the satchel, looked at each other, and assumed we just found a bag full of cash. We opened it up, wondering how we were got spend our newfound fortune. There was no money. What there was were pictures. Lots of pictures. Of the nice old lady. And her husband. And their friends. And none of them were wearing any clothes. And they were apparently swingers. And they were into some freaky s**t. We did the only thing we felt was appropriate. When we put up the new ceiling we sealed it right back up in there for some future homeowners to stumble upon.

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Helped a female friend move years ago. She moved her mattress sans sheets and it was sooooooo stained from menstrual blood I thought I was going to gag. I was embarrassed hauling it across the parking lot. Also, she was moving it into a tiny storage unit and we just couldn’t make it fit so another friend bought off her for $50. That just floored me. .


Helped a friend move his elderly dad. Noticed a lot of medical supplies, bandages etc. lots of stuff including furniture with old blood stains on it. Asked him and he says “oh yeah, my dad has Hepatitis C.” !!! Um, how do you not tell me about that?! I’ve been touching all this stuff all day….

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When my gramps was dying, he instructed his kids (who hated him) to leave the hospital and pack up his house, donate or trash anything and everything. Including his car. My dad reached under the cars seat and pulled out a shot gun that was cut in half, and the serial number scratched off. My dad’s finger prints were all over it so he freaked and called the police and explained himself. Apparently the cops got all giddy and explained how long they have been after him, connecting him to a murder, and this was the murder weapon they needed. I guess he shot his friend in his sleep over a gambling/money dispute.

He died 3 days later.

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A dead bat in a Tupperware container and a dead pet ferret in a capri sun box in the freezer (that fell out when I picked up the box). I did know the ferret was in there somewhere, was not expecting the bat.


Helped a friend move many years ago. We had reconnected with each other after growing apart in college, over the suicide of a fellow friend, who had also grown apart from me at the time. No one ever told me how they actually died.

Fast forward a year later, I’m moving boxes around in their place and found a box with our deceased friend’s name on it. Thinking it was going to be a collection of photos or old things of his. I opened the box. There were pictures of said friend still in there, but…I also found out how they died.

A now rusty knife, with the blood stains clearly set in, wrapped in their favorite shirt, now stained as well. We stopped talking after that. Never did get a straight answer for why they kept it.


Great Grandmother in law passed, I was helping clean out the house.

Found a Jesus Dildo.

Like, imagine Jesus, praying but with his elbows really far out. That would be the “head”.


Furry body pillow.


A friend of mine was the executor of an elderly relative’s will after he died and was tasked with clearing out his home. He discovered 3-4 rolled up carpets and unrolled them to discover high-powered rifles hidden inside. My friend lives in Australia and it became illegal to own weapons of this type after the Port Arthur Massacre in the 90s.

He immediately contacted the police and explained the situation and they took all the weapons away after a lengthy interview where they wanted to find out EVERYTHING about my friend’s deceased relative. The level of interest the police had in the situation made my friend think their deceased relative might have been on police radars before he passed.


A sock collection stuck to the bottom of the mattress.


This isn’t mega disturbing or anything, I’m just easily scared by dolls :P.

But, while helping a friend move, I stumbled upon an awkward discovery when I opened a mistakenly unlabeled box in the living room. It was packed with an extensive collection of porcelain dolls. Each doll had an unsettlingly realistic face, and some were arranged in poses that made them appear as if they were staring right at me. My friend walked in, noticed my frozen stance and the open box, and we both burst into laughter. She explained her grandmother had a penchant for collecting these dolls, and she inherited them unexpectedly. We quickly closed the box, but not before the eerie feeling had set in. It was definitely one of the more bizarre and disconcerting finds during a move!


Not embarrassing or disturbing, but profound.

A mom friend known for her frugality had cancer. It was caught at stage two meaning she had a fighting chance to beat it. (Spoiler alert: she would beat it!) I was at her house helping her get her kids off to school and I came back and she asked me to get a box down from her closet. It was full of pretty things that her husband had bought her that she didn’t wear, “saving them for a special occasion.” She felt “foolish” as she had had them for years, but never worn them. Everything from designer dresses to fancy lingerie like bras and stockings and panties. She had preferred to be frugal for her kids and family playing the part of a salt of the earth woman.

As I was helping her get ready for days of cancer treatments, she decided that on her good days, she was going to wear the slinky things.

She recovered and started wearing nice things every day.

She told me later that the day that we were looking at the lovelies that she felt a rebirth.


My wife found her mom’s bdsm gear. Nobody talks about it.


When me and my college dorm mate were leaving our shared apartment after senior year I found a pair of my ex GFs panties under his bed. I don’t know if they slept together or he took them from her but I don’t speak with either of them anymore so I likely will never know.


Discovered a stash of adult diapers and a note that said, “For emergencies only.”.


A stack of hardcover copies of *My Awakening,* the David Duke memoir/rant.

They were all autographed.


Friend asked me to hand him a set of pliers from a toolbox in the bedroom.

Reached around, opened the toolbox behind me and found…..NOT tools.

He and his wife kept their bedroom toys in a toolbox under the bed….that we were taking apart as they moved.

Instead if tools, I was greeted with a large assortment of dildos, lube, condoms and other items I couldn’t identify in the three seconds it took for my brain to start working again and decide this was NOT the box I was looking for.

He turned bright red, slammed the box shut and disappeared with it.

For years after, he couldn’t say the word “Tool” around me without me having to stifle giggles and him turning red. lol.


Helped an older lady move one afternoon. My friend picked up a box and the bottom fell out of it. Amongst the spilled objects was a dildo so big that it defied logic. It was like a silicone table leg. It was bright purple as well.


The mother of a guy I was dating was a former d**g addict. She had gotten clean and had been clean for years. She finally was able to buy a house and we were all so excited! We were packing up her little apartment and she had to warn us that when she was in active addiction she would hide d***s and paraphernalia throughout her house, and she was pretty sure she’d already disposed of everything over the years, but don’t freak out if we find something. Sure enough, we found a couple of needles and pipes hidden in the most random off the wall places, on top of cabinets she can’t even reach, behind the fridge, etc.


Helping a friend move with his dad and he asks me to be the one to carry this specific box to the truck. I, knowing my friend has not come out to his parents, assumed some stuff about the contents and said no more about it except “i accept this responsibility”. I pick it up. Heavier than I expected it to be. The tape on the bottom gives and a single rubber d**k falls out. Right in front of his dad. My poor friend looks absolutely horrified.

And his dad looks at him, asks “that thing clean?” Friend basically squeaks yes. Dad picks it up, tosses it back in the box and continues taking stuff to the truck. I get an update on the follow up in the next couple days. His dad has known he was gay since highschool.
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