Jaw-Dropping Cinemagraphs Show Waves Are Works of Natural Art

Magnificent photographs of crashing waves have been turned into beautiful slow-motion clips in a new montage of cinemagraphs. Using Adobe After Effects, Dutch cinematographer Armand Dijcks animated ocean stills taken by Australian photographer Ray Collins into a sequence of 4K seascape vignettes entitled, The Infinite Now. A cinemagraph is simply a series of still images that captures a minor movement so that when the images are displayed in succession, they appear as a video clip. Cinemagraphs are typically published as GIFs, but for this project Dijcks decided to display all of the individual pieces as a type of short film.

A while back, Dijcks was playing around with the Puppet Warp tool in After Effects to animate photographs he had taken of splashing water using a strobe light. He was surprised at how convincing he could make the motion of the water look and decided he wanted to apply this method to something bigger, so he reached out to Collins, a photographer he greatly admired, to collaborate.

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After he created the animations, Dijcks filtered them through Flixel Cinemagraph Pro in order to create the perfect loop and mask out any parts of the image that should remain still. In a blog post about the project, Dijcks writes, “It turned out that certain images lend themselves to this technique better than others. There’s always a bit of trial and error involved. It helps to visualize in my head how the wave would move in real life, as I only have a still image to work with, and no video reference.”

Check out more works from the series below:

Check out the full video below:

Check out more work by Armand Dijcks on his website, and learn more about Ray Collins here.


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