Jellied Moose Nose

You’ve successfully hunted a moose. Congratulations! As you butcher it, make sure that you use every part of the animal, from the tail to the nose.

How do you eat a moose’s nose? Any good nose dish is stewed in its own natural juices and the jellied moose nose is no different. Atlas Obscura introduces us to this delicacy from Alaska and Canada:

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A moose’s nose contains both white meat (from the bulb of the nose) and dark meat (from around the bones). The fur must be removed prior to cooking, either by being singed off over an open fire, peeled off after the nose has been boiled, or simply skinning the nose. Chefs then slice the nose and simmer it with onions, garlic, and an array of other spices, which may include cinnamon, cloves, allspice, or mustard seeds. Meat from other parts of the moose’s head, such as the ears and lips, may be added to the mix. Once the concoction has cooled down, the cook lays the pieces of meat in a loaf pan, douses them with broth, and places the mixture in the refrigerator so the broth can solidify. The resulting jelly is served like a loaf of bread and eaten in slices.

That’s sounds delicious! If you are able to find and hunt moose in your area, then you can use this recipe to make your own jellied moose nose.

Source: neatorama

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