Jennifer Townley's Mesmerizing Mechanical Sculptures

Netherlands-based Jennifer Townley is one of those both-sides-of-the-brain artists who is fascinated by science, specifically physics, engineering and math.

Coupled with an interest in mechanical workings, this has spurred her to create some mesmerizing kinetic sculptures:

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Geometric patterns in Islamic art or mathematical drawings of Dutch artist M. C. Escher often serve as an inspiration. Images where lines and figures match each other so perfectly they could be repeated indefinitely. This infinity, regularity and obedience is what Townley also finds fascinating about mechanical machines; they are robust, strenuous and seemingly immortal. She is captivated by how a machine can convert a simple circular motion (rotary engine) into a very complicated nonlinear or chaotic movement pattern.

Check out more on Townley’s Instagram.

Source: core77

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