Jerk Customer Is Being Rude To The Staff So The Boss Scares Her Off By ‘Taking A Closer Look’

Sadly, “boss” has become a universal curse word. It probably wouldn’t come as a surprise if online dictionaries started listing it as a synonym for an angry stare, unachievable command, and inability to listen.

However, Reddit user Winiri just shared their personal story, showing that good bosses are still around even if they are an endangered species.

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In a post titled “My Boss Scared Off Rude Customers by Literally Taking a Closer Look”, Winiri explained how the woman who ran the shop they were working at stood up for her staff, scaring away a couple of Karens for good. In just a few days, the post has received over 35,000 likes and 500 comments, many of which are praising the lady for her quick thinking. So you know it’s going to be good. Continue scrolling and check it out.

Image credits: KOMUnews (not the actual photo)

Interestingly, studies show that some people find their bosses so annoying, they leave well-rewarding employment just to get away from them.

One company that understands this really well and cares about its bosses is Google. For over a decade, researchers at the tech giant have been analyzing the behaviors of their highest-rated managers, as well as feedback from employee satisfaction surveys, to figure out what the best have in common.

Google then uses its research to train its managers and has reportedly seen improvements in employee retention and productivity because of that.

Here are the things they found good bosses do: they are good coaches, they empower the team instead of micromanaging, create an inclusive team environment, and show concern for success and wellbeing, they are productive and focused on results, they are good communicators, they support career development and discuss performance. They also have a clear strategy for the team, as well as the technical skills needed to advise the team, they collaborate across the organization and are strong decision makers.

Something tells me Irene might’ve made a good career there.

People were really impressed by the way Irene stood up for her staff

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