Jewelry maker turns pennies into sculpture of power tools

Based in Philadelphia, Stacey Lee Webber is a designer and maker of jewelry and sculptures. She creates art from what could easily be overlooked and discarded by most of us — pennies and small coins. An ongoing project of hers is the craftsmen collection: power tools where she transforms American coins into basic craftsman’s tools, bringing value to what could be already considered trash.

Webber’s art is not only a feast for the eye and imagination, it is also very meaningful. As it celebrates the material from which the newly built object is made, it also honors the craft for which each tool is made — blue-collar jobs — and what the fruit of these tools bring, which goes back to its material — money. It offers an interesting message, something we don’t really get when we look at recycled objects. This artist has a lot of other works that can be viewed on her website and her online store. You can also visit her Facebook for other updates.

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