Jimmy Fallon Asks People To Ruin Movies With One Word, And Here Are 84 Hilarious Responses

We all know the power that words have to harm or to heal. But did you know that they can turn something very frightening into something utterly ridiculous? A single well-placed word can change everything when it comes to scary stories. And from classic tales of horror that shake you to your very core, you get chuckle-worthy creations like The Shoe Shining, See Saw, and The Onion Ring.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of all the witty creations that Twitter users shared with Jimmy Fallon, the host of the hilarious The Tonight Show after he pitched them a new challenge. Fallon, announcing another “Hashtags time!”, asked his fans to take a horror movie and add one word to change the entire plot. Check out the best tweets below and upvote your faves ones as you’re scrolling down, Pandas. Meanwhile, we’d love to hear your own ideas, so drift on by the comment section to flex your creative muscles!

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This isn’t the first time that Fallon has called for a challenge that involved inserting a word to ruin something. Here at Bored Panda, we’ve covered a bunch of his previous hilarious one-word challenges, including ruining movies, TV shows, books, and products.

They’re a lot of fun if you enjoy that sort of clever wordplay, so definitely take a peek at those features when you’ve enjoyed this spooky list to its fullest. Wit and humor will never go out of fashion… much like the human need to listen to scary stories next to the fire (or, well, in front of a glowing screen).


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This time around, Fallon named the challenge #AddAWordRuinAHorrorMovie. And it’s all in the name, really. The show host is well aware that even a single word can, at times, completely derail an otherwise sinister, imposing, or mysterious title.

The line between heart-stoppingly scary and downright hilarious is paper thin. We just hope that reading these new titles won’t ruin your favorite frightening tales. If you’re anything like us, Pandas, you’ve got a small list of movies and books that you love to return to a couple of times each year.

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For us, that might mean re-reading the original version of Dracula around the start of Spooky Season, supplemented by a host of Stephen King’s short stories.

We also have an archive of scary movies that we enjoy getting in touch with around Halloween. Watching the Alien, Resident Evil, and Blade films is like seeing a friend we haven’t had time for all year long.


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Meanwhile, we supplement weird and mysterious analyses of the human condition like Coherence, The Triangle, Exam, The Mist, and Circle with some more lighthearted parodies like the infamous Scary Movie series, as well as The Cabin in the Woods.


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For yours truly, the ability to fall back on humor when needed is pretty much the only way I can get through horror stories in one piece. The tension is unbearable at times! And if all else fails and we don’t know what to watch while everyone’s dressing up in costumes, we fall back on our long-time favorite, the Supernatural TV show.

Brothers Sam and Dean hunting monsters and saving the world never gets old, and the first five seasons are pure magic (along with a host of great episodes sprinkled throughout the later seasons). The show feels like home. And no funny title changes will ever make us think differently.


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Earlier this week, Bored Panda spoke about Fallon and The Tonight Show with entertainment and pop culture expert Mike Sington, a former NBCUniversal executive. He shared his thoughts with us about why Fallon is so popular, how we can all stand out on Twitter so his team notices us, and what some of the challenges of a TV show host include.


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“Jimmy Fallon’s warmth and engagement with people is what’s behind his ongoing success with hosting The Tonight Show. He just seems like a guy you’d want to spend time with,” Mike told Bored Panda why the host is so magnetic.

“To stand out on Twitter, and catch the attention of Fallon and his team, you need to be funny and unique. Simply having an interesting story to tell usually won’t be enough,” the entertainment expert pointed out that it’s not enough to have a good story: you need to find ways to be different than everyone else.


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“I think the biggest job challenge of working as a TV host is creating original content, that will not only grab the audience’s attention but will also go viral. An outstanding production and writing team, of course, helps with this,” Mike told us.


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“But there are certain qualities a good host must have on their own, such as the ability to think on their feet, an honest curiosity about people, a pleasing personality, and the skill to ad-lib effortlessly. It’s certainly not as easy as Jimmy Fallon makes it look!”


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