João Teixeira's Bars Desk

Portugal-based furniture designer João Teixeira came up with Bars, a desk that features an elevated perimeter that serves as a storage/organization element.

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The inspiration for the form, according to Texeira:

“On the one hand, looking for simple and practical ways for setting mood layouts in terms of organization needs was a commitment. On the other hand, the goal was to allow a creative use according to each user demand. This is achieved by placing 3 wooden bars over the tabletop at a height distance that could let people to place books, prints, headphones, and others. [There are also ] openings and cuts to attach your mobile devices, or even to keep your pencils always at hand. The relation between form and function are part of the process of the product.”

“[The design] started by exploring some interesting ways of joining wood elements and ended up becoming a desk mainly because the output led to similar shapes. From there the form started giving place to functionality.”

Texeira is currently seeking a manufacturer.

Source: core77

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