John ‘Half-hanged’ Smith

A man can lose a life in the most silliest of mishaps, like tripping over his own foot and breaking his neck. Yet, some people have an uncanny ability to cheat death. John Smith was one of them.

John Smith was born in 1661 in Malton, New Yorkshire, England. His father was a farmer, but John apprenticed under a packer in London, with whom he served out his time. Later, he became a journeyman. He then went on to serve the navy, first in a merchantman, then in a man-of-war, and was at the famous expedition against Vigo. But on the return from that expedition he was discharged. Soon after that, he enlisted as a soldier, where he acquainted with bad associates and started his career as a housebreaker.

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John Smith being cut down from the gallows. Image credit: Wellcome Collection/Wikimedia


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