Join Us For Our Next Crash Course: Pro Tips for Designing 3D Printed Flexures

For our upcoming Core77 Crash Course, 3D printing expert Akaki Kuumeri will explore the details of creating flexures in 3D printed parts. Done properly, these can turn hard plastic into compliant mechanisms that act like springs and hinges with a wide range of motion.

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In his own practice, Kuumeri has used flexures to modify game controllers, creating a more realistic UI for flight simulators in one instance, and making them easier for the differently abled to use in another.

In this free webinar, Kuumeri will cover the basics of flexures, how to 3D-print them even with not-ideal PLA, his favorite “flexure primitive” for printing them in well-performing proportions, tips and tricks to prevent them from failing, examples of mechanisms you can build using his flexure primitive and more. With practice, you can wield Kuumeri’s tips to expand on your own designs for compliant mechanisms.

The webinar will take place on Wednesday, April 27th at 1PM EDT (GMT -4)

Kuumeri will present for 30-45 minutes, and afterwards you can participate in the live 10-15 minute Q&A.

Registration is free – sign up here using the form at the top of the post.

Source: core77

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