Jon by Gail Galligan

Once, Jon Arbuckle of the comic strip Garfield was voted “The Most Depressed Comic Book Character.” He serves as a comic foil for his cynical cat Garfield. That’s not quite the case in this version of Jon by cartoonist Gail Galligan. In two comics, she turns Arbuckle into the main character who’s not so much depressed, but introverted in a way we can all understand. Part one is about a dinner party in which he meets his significant other Liz’s college friends, three of them veterinarians like her. In part two, he goes to a comic convention for the first time in years.

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Both adventures are frightening prospects for the shy cartoonist, but he powers through. Garfield and Odie are peripheral characters seen only occasionally watching the action. The comics are not jokes, but sweet and relatable stories that make Jon a three-dimensional person instead of a cat’s punching bag. -via Metafilter   

Source: neatorama

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