Julie d’Aubigny: The Outrageous Life of La Maupin

Julie d’Aubigny was a singer and an expert sword fighter in 17th century France. Her father, who was also an expert swordsman, fought off all of his daughter’s suitors until she did an end run around him by hooking up with his boss. D’Aubigny was also bisexual and fell for a young woman whose parents were so scandalized they sent their daughter to a convent. D’Aubigny responded by joining the convent herself and then burning it down to be with her lover. Oh yeah, she was also a married woman who dressed as a man.

This all happened before D’Aubigny turned twenty. As an adult, she became an opera singer known as La Maupin, achieved nationwide fame, and continued her adventures in killing people or sleeping with them. It got to the point where the king of France felt the need to pardon her. Twice. It is astonishing that such shenanigans were tolerated at all in the 1600s, but Julie d’Aubigny was admired by many for her sheer outrageousness. Some envied her, while others just enjoyed the entertainment she provided. And, of course, many were outraged. Read the story of La Maupin at Rejected Princesses. -via Metafilter

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Source: neatorama

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