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From childhood stories of beached whales to having her work acquired by MoMA, New York based artist Petah Coyne and I cover it all! To say that this episode has been a game-changer for my own artwork would be a massive understatement. This amazing woman lit a fire under me, and I have a sneaking suspicion she’s going to do the same thing to you! Listen right up there underneath Petah installing her work at Galerie Lelong in New York, or subscribe on Apple Podcasts / Spotify.

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First up, here are the images I posted the first time I wrote about Petah a couple of months ago:

The peacocks! I mean, I am in awe. Again.

This is “Dante’s Daphne”. Petah and I didn’t talk about it, but she mentions it in the fabulous video she did with SFMoMA so I thought I’d pop in here for you to see:

Sigh. The detail she puts into each piece astounds me.

Oooh, and this… this is the piece MoMA acquired {that was one of my favorite stories from this episode!}:

I’d love to stand under this beauty so that I could just really, really LOOK.

So yes, Petah often works with found objects and wax, but just look at these absolutely stunning glass pieces:

Gasp! I saw these at “Glasstress” in Venice a few years ago, but didn’t realize who the artist was. When I started down the ‘Petah Coyne rabbit hole’ before I wrote about her last month, I came across these images and realized I actually have seen her work in person! They were breathtaking. Clearly.

Next, I had to include some of Petah’s photography. These are more recent than the photos she showed “at a bank in Dayton”… I believe these are from the late 1990’s – early 2000’s:

Aren’t they gorgeous? See, everything Petah does has a bit of magic to it!

And finally, let’s finish up with a whole bunch of birds:

Love, love, love! I cannot even begin to express how much this episode meant to me and the progression of my own artwork. Thank you so much to Petah for being so warm, generous, brilliant and wise; and of course, thank YOU for listening. There will be more ART FOR YOUR EAR next weekend.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

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